Welcome to the Collaboration Corner

The central hub where Anovite and 1099Workers converge to empower your life in unique ways


About our collaboration

Welcome to the Collaboration Hub, where Anovite and 1099Workers unite for a holistic approach to your well-being, tasks, and benefits. Here's what this collaboration brings to you:


Our collaboration marries the cutting-edge technology of Utility Connectâ„¢ with the deep understanding of the gig economy provided by 1099Workers.com. Together, we aim to:


Discover the synergies between Anovite's mission to enhance your health and 1099Workers' dedication to your financial security. Together, we strive to support every aspect of your life, from vitality to financial well-being.

Tasks & Goals

Stay organized and aligned with a comprehensive view of your tasks and goals. Whether you're pursuing a healthier lifestyle or managing your self-employed career, our collaboration helps you track and achieve your objectives.

Employee Benefits

Access a range of tailored employee benefits that cater to your unique needs as a self-employed individual. From health and financial security to well-being and peace of mind, we've got you covered

Impact & Community

Be a part of the greater mission. Anovite's commitment to science-backed superfoods and 1099Workers' dedication to revolutionizing the gig economy create a community of like-minded individuals striving for excellence.

Join us in this transformative journey where health, financial security, and personal growth converge. Your well-being is our priority.