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We are a technology platform that aggregates everything you need to succeed as a real estate professional. From personal to business Benefit/ Financial/ Tax resources to cutting edge partnerships and technology, as a member you will have access to all of it.


1099workers.com is the solution you’ve been looking for. When you become a member, you’ll become part of a thriving community that promotes your business. You’ll gain access to invaluable resources, including sales and marketing training, informative webinars, and a comprehensive suite of benefits such as primary medical coverage, dental, vision, and even 401 k options. This community is your key to growing your business to new heights.


1099workers.com 1099workers.com was established by self-employed individuals, and our mission is to serve the diverse community of over 70 million 1 099ers. For real estate professionals like you, this platform offers a unique advantage. In your line of work, it’s about marketing your skills and ensuring you have the essential benefits, including primary medical coverage, dental care, and retirement planning.

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A community of self-employed people helping to promote your business

Health and Wealth benefits

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