A revolutionary benefit solution designed for the self employed professional.

Access to health benefits.

Finding health coverage is more difficult for 1099 workers and we have options that extend to you and your family.

Helping to save for retirement.

1 in 4 self employed individuals are not saving for retirement. 1099workers.com provides access to participate in a retirement savings plan automating your retirement!

Boost your loan application success.

With our reportable W2 income service, you have W2 income to show when applying for loans.

Your Trusted Partner

We empower self-employed individuals with a technologically led, streamlined employee benefit solution. Creating access to health insurance, retirement plans, workers compensation and much more.

5 Star Support

1099workers.com provides 5 star customer service, helping you navigate all of your options helping to ensure you get the most out of your partnership.

Easy Self Managed Benefits

With our unique benefits software, you can enroll and manage every aspect of your benefits in one secure platform.

  •  Self manage your benefits
  •  Enroll at your pace
  •  Dedicated benefit support